The Wine Atelier Podcast #22: Delia Viader, Founder + Owner of Viader Vineyards + Winery

Women in the wine world have made amazing strides in recent decades. Today, they are Sommeliers, winemakers, wine educators and even winery founders and owners and we have many brave and brilliant women to thank who paved the way for us. One of my favorite things about hosting this podcast is highlighting their amazing accomplishments and sharing the secrets of their success with you. Episode #22 of The Wine Atelier podcast features one such woman, vinous trailblazer and dynamo, Delia Viader, Founder and Owner of VIADER Vineyards and Winery.

This Argentine-born, European raised, single mother of four, forged her way into the Napa Valley during the 1980's. To the surprise of many (except herself and those who knew her well), she conquered the formidable slopes of Howell Mountain and established her successful, critically acclaimed winery that thrives to this day. So basically, while I was in college dancing to Madonna, sporting acid wash denim, and drinking more than my fair share of White Zinfandel, Delia was establishing her unique trellising system, pursuing her second doctorate degree, and crafting world class, Cabernet Franc.

Yep. We've DEFINITELY come a long way!


In this fascinating interview, Delia shares her amazing story and how she overcame a variety of obstacles in order to pursue her life's passion, provide for her family and create a lasting legacy. And trust me, her incredible energy and passion for what she does will truly inspire you!


- The serendipitous way this student and Mom (who was born in Argentina and raised in Europe) discovered the special plot of land that was to become her future winery and which family member was intrinsic to her success.

- How she achieved a Master's degree from MIT and TWO doctorate degrees!

- How asking for help and being open to advice from trusted local and international advisors played an important role in her success.- Which delightfully unique grape variety (my personal favorite!) is the main focus of the Viader wines and which grape is conspicuously absent.

- How she acquired her well-deserved nickname, "The Wine Mother." - What it was like raising her children among the vines in Napa and what it's like now working with her son, Alan, Viader's current winemaker.

- How to visit Delia at Viader Vineyards and Winery during your next visit to the Napa Valley.


- The difference between Old World and New World wines

- What the heck is Phylloxera and why it's so devastating to grapevines.

- More info on what makes mountain fruit so special.

- Learn about legendary Bordeaux-based winemaker and consultant, Michel Rolland.


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Stephanie Miskew
Stephanie Miskew