The Wine Atelier Podcast #21: Jean-Charles Boisset, Proprietor of 1881 Napa + The Boisset Collection

As an Art History Major and wine lover, when I heard that Napa's FIRST Wine History Museum and Tasting Salon was opening this month I couldn't wait to find out more! I immediately reached out to its founder, wine industry icon and proprietor of The Boisset Collection, Jean-Charles Boisset and am thrilled to be able to share this interview with you.

While the Napa Valley is relatively new when compared to Old World wine regions, it's illustrious, colorful and undeniably fruitful 200 year history definitely deserves a fitting homage. Hence, the creation of 1881 Napa, the official name of the establishment which opens to the public later this month. And who better to helm this historic endeavor than enduring Napa champion, Jean-Charles Boisset.

Jean-Charles' flamboyant joie de vivre and passion for the Napa Valley make him perfect for the project. His excitement is readily apparent in our interview, and if you aren't already familiar with the charming Jean-Charles, you'll definitely want to learn more about his fascinating and multi-faceted life and career.


- How he was able to establish 1881 Napa on one of the Napa Valley's most historic properties.

- The legendary names he partnered up with to help realize his vision for 1881 Napa.

- The delightfully informative tasting experiences available to visitors as well as how to best plan your visit.

- All the deets on his exciting vinous partnership with singer, John Legend.

- How you can meet Jean-Charles on his upcoming book tour.

- His exciting plans for his 10th wedding anniversary with wife, Gina Gallo.


– Learn more about visiting 1881 Napa, Napa's first Wine History Museum and Tasting Salon, by clicking here.

– Learn more about Jean-Charles Boisset, Boisset Collection and his current projects and book tour by clicking here.

– Learn more about LVE wines, Jean-Charles partnership with John Legend, and their new Summer rosé by clicking here.


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Stephanie Miskew
Stephanie Miskew