The Wine Atelier Podcast #23: François Matton, Owner of Provence's Château Minuty

There aren't many wines that can boast the popularity of rosé in recent years. Much like the Duchess of Sussex, this imminently appealing wine seemed to come out of nowhere and take the world by storm. Years later, we STILL can't seem to get enough, and our desire shows no signs of waning anytime soon.

But the truth is, rosé has actually been around for a veeeery long time - like, we're talking Queen Elizabeth long! And since Provence is considered the birthplace of this glorious, dry pink wine - just who HAS been producing rosé all of these years or at least pre-Brad + Angelina?

That timely question brings me to this episode of The Wine Atelier podcast featuring François Matton, Co-owner of Provence's revered Château Minuty. Located a mere 5 minute drive from the Mediterranean coastline on the Saint-Tropez peninsula, this estate has been crafting exceptional, terroir-driven rosé wine for over 80 years.


In this interview, the charming François dishes on the history of his family's famed rosés and shares details of his fascinating life growing up in Provence. He also discusses what it's like running the estate with his brother Etienne and the key to creating such consistently wonderful wines. Simply click the slider above to listen to the full episode or click here to listen in iTunes.


1.) Why Château Minuty's rosés are different from newer brands that've emerged over the past decade.

2.) THE single most important grape in making the Château Minuty rosés (and why) and which grapes are NEVER used.

3.) How François almost left the family business and why he ultimately changed his mind.

4.) What it's like running the family winery with his brother and WHO they rely on to settle any disputes.

5.) The fascinating stories behind three of the delicious Château Minuty rosés (M de Minuty, Rosé et Or and Château Minuty 281).


– What is a Grape Clone?

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Stephanie Miskew
Stephanie Miskew