The Wine Atelier Podcast #16: Karen MacNeil, Author of The Wine Bible

This March we're kicking off Women's History Month on The Wine Atelier podcast with one of my favorite vinous trailblazers, the fabulous Karen MacNeil. Her seminal work, The Wine Bible, has been an invaluable resource for wine lovers since it was first published in 2001. Since then, the book has sold over a million copies and is truly a MUST for any wine library!!!

Perhaps even more impressive than the book itself, however, is MacNeil's inspiring rise through the male-dominated, vinous ranks of food and wine writing in 1970's New York. The largely self-taught MacNeil relied on her remarkable wit, vast knowledge of wine and tenacious work ethic to fuel her pursuit of this unconventional, yet ultimately rewarding, career path.

Today, MacNeil has won EVERY wine award in the English language, and changed the face of the wine world with The Wine Bible's refreshing, female voice which has paved the way for like-minded women to follow. So if you've ever considered a career in food and wine or you're longing to pursue a career path in a different field, you won't want to miss MacNeil's inspiring story and advice!

Many thanks to Karen for joining me and to listen to this episode of The Wine Atelier podcast, simply click "play" on the slider above OR click here to listen in iTunes. Please stay tuned for more interviews with amazing women of food and wine as we continue our celebration of Women's History Month!


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Stephanie Miskew
Stephanie Miskew