The Wine Atelier Podcast #15: Eric LeVine, Inventor of CellarTracker

Whether you've got hundreds of bottles in your custom wine cellar or some gems stashed in a cabinet under the stairs, you won't want to miss this episode of The Wine Atelier Podcast featuring my interview with Eric LeVine (pronounced like the grape vine!), inventor of CellarTracker.

We've been using this powerful cellar management tool here at Chez Miskew since 2011, and, after researching other options over the years, CellarTracker is, hands down, the BEST and most reliable way to keep track of your wine.

CellarTracker began as a hobby for LeVine while he was working as a programmer for Microsoft. Like me, he caught the wine bug during a trip to one of Italy's most popular wine regions and quickly discovered he needed a way to document and manage his growing wine collection. After sharing his idea with fellow oenophiles, it quickly gained steam and proved to be MUCH more than just a hobby. He debuted the CellarTracker website in 2004 and it has been his full-time pursuit pretty much ever since.

In this episode, LeVine elaborates on how Cellartracker has evolved since the early days and how he has stayed true to his original vision. And I'm here to tell you, fifteeen years later, he's still as passionate as EVER about it! And you won't want to miss his future plans for CellarTracker and what he has planned for the big fifteenth anniversary coming up next month.

And did I mention, the yearly membership fee for CellarTracker is optional?

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Stephanie Miskew
Stephanie Miskew