Whispering Angel Rosé-Infused Gummy Bears are Summer’s Hottest Sweet

While we often hear about wines that are highly allocated and impossible to find, it’s not every day we hear the same about…gummy bears? Pouncing on the white hot rosé trend are the confectioners at high-end candy boutique, Sugarfina, whose Whispering Angel Rosé-infused gummy bears are undoubtedly the most coveted sweet of the Summer.


Yes, you read right, the über-popular Provencal Whispering Angel rosé that captured our palates a few years ago (please click here for more info) is now infused in delicious gummy candies! The rosé-infused gummy bears and roses join Sugarfina’s existing line of alcohol-inspired candies which also includes Champagne bears, Peach Bellinis, Cuba Libres and Pale Ale Pints, however the rosé line seems to have taken off into the sugary stratosphere. The company’s initial release of the “Rosé All Day Gummy Bears” in June 2016 sold out in under two hours and a second batch of “Yes Way Rosé Gummy Roses” released in early July was also – POOF- gone in a flash!

“The wait list is currently over 12,000 people,” says Annie Worthington, PR Representative for Sugarfina. So will there be enough gummy love to satisfy everyone? The company is currently pre-selling their “Yes Way Rosé” 2-piece Bento Box ($20) which includes the two aforementioned candies encased in separate, super-chic Lucite cubes (approx. 3.5oz each – see photos in this post) tucked into a signature pink and blue keepsake box. The Bento Box can even be gift wrapped with a handwritten note just in case you’d like to send one to your bestie. The “Rosé All Day” Party Pack ($50) is also on pre-sell and includes 6 small “Rosé All Day” gummy bear cubes. The Sugarfina website promises delivery of these items, “3-4 weeks after the end of the pre-sale.”


But do these rosé-infused gummies really live up to all the hype? As a Certified Sommelier, Wine Judge and longtime lover of both rosé and gummies I would have to say “yes!” The beautiful, rosy pink gummy bears and roses have faint aromas of red berries and citrus while on the palate, flavors of strawberry, lychee and rose petals are gratifyingly sweet. A lively tartness balances out the sweet while also stimulating the taste buds, which keeps you reaching for that next gummy. The Lucite cubes also keep the candies perfectly fresh and, once opened, they come apart easily and have a heavenly chewy, gummy texture. The flavor really does mirror the Whispering Angel Rosé, but do NOT expect to feel a buzz when eating them! While the candies are infused with the wine, all the alcohol is burned off during the cooking process, so these are officially NON-alcoholic candies.


So if you’re a fan of Whispering Angel Rosé or you feel like indulging in some glamorous gummy bears or BOTH (like me!), go ahead and jump on the candy bandwagon so you too can “Rosé All Day!” If you’re in South Florida, Sugarfina has a location at the Aventura Mall that’s celebrating its 4th Birthday on August 5th. Of course, you can also just pop over to their website to place your order as well. If you’ve had a chance to sample the Whispering Angel Rosé-infused gummy bears I’d love to hear what you think, so please feel free to speak your mind in the Comments section below.

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Stephanie Miskew
Stephanie Miskew