The Wine Atelier Podcast #6: Waistline Friendly Wines

Happy New Year, Wine Lovers!

The latest episode of The Wine Atelier Podcast is very timely and features some fabulous Waistline Friendly Wines that will NOT sabotage your weight loss and/or fitness goals you set this month. And don’t worry, I’m not recommending any gimmicky DIET wines, all the wines mentioned in this episode are REAL, authentic wines which happen to be naturally lower in calories.

So in this episode I share:

3 key tips to keep in mind when shopping for or selecting wines on a wine list.

– A handy calorie breakdown of the most popular styles of wine (i.e. sparkling, white & red) and which ones are the most waistline friendly.

– The answer to a relevant reader question about whether or not those “diet wines” are really worth the calorie savings compared to regular wine.



The Glamorous Gourmet’s Waistline Friendly Wine Guide

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Thanks so much for tuning in and I hope this episode has inspired you to continue indulging in a daily glass of one of our featured Waistline Friendly Wines. Because, let’s face it, kicking off the New Year without wine doesn’t sound like a very happy New Year, does it?

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this episode please feel free to post in in the Comments section and/or e-mail me at the address listed above.


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