The Wine Atelier Podcast Episode #12: Wine Spectator's Mitch Frank & "Rosé's New Era"

It's Week 3 of Rosé Month on The Wine Atelier Podcast and in this episode, I'm excited to introduce you to someone who's had his finger on the pulse of rosé since his first cover story on the subject ten years ago, Mitch Frank, News Editor of Wine Spectator Magazine.I'm also happy to report, his second cover story on the subject, Rose's New Era, graces the cover of the latest issue of Wine Spectator which hits newsstands this week. This issue boasts a gorgeous cover and is chock full of wonderful information about rosé wine, including great recommendations and an interview with the latest celeb getting in the rosé game, Jon Bon Jovi!In this podcast episode, Mitch shares the key factors involved in the meteoric rise of rosé in the years between his cover stories. He also speculates as to where this trend is headed and which factors are crucial to its continued growth and popularity. For those who are new to rosé, Mitch shares his advice on the most helpful and least intimidating way to shop for these wines, and to my own personal delight, he reveals his favorite dish to pair with rosé (hint: he lives in New Orleans so you KNOW it's delicious!). And finally, Mitch discusses his fascinating career path and how he ultimately made the move from covering presidential elections for Time magazine to working for Wine Spectator in 2005.Whether you're new to rosé or a seasoned aficionado I think you'll really enjoy this episode and many thanks to Mitch Frank for taking the time to talk to me. Please pour yourself a glass of something pink, kick back and press the play button above for ALL the details! All resources mentioned in the show are listed below.


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Stephanie Miskew
Stephanie Miskew