The Hands-down Perfect Halloween Recipe: Severed Braciole Arm in Marinara Sauce!

If you’re like me and you just adore Halloween and entertaining have I got a recipe for you!

I saw this recipe for Severed Braciole Arm in Marina Sauce on “Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Halloween Special” last year and it is one of the few dishes I’ve ever made that I’ve described as simultaneously revolting and delicious. I have to admit I find Nadia’s quirky approach to food quite amusing as well as the cast of characters on her show “Bitchin’ Kitchen” including Panos, Hans and the mysterious Spice Agent. Although I hadn’t made any of her recipes before, when I saw this one I just couldn’t resist.

I followed the recipe to a tee except I used pre-made marinara sauce which definitely saved some time. I also added sliced almond “fingernails” which made the meaty, gory arm even more creepy. Although it looked positively hideous when it came out of the oven, it received rave reviews from my guests and there wasn’t a “fingernail” or crumb of “the arm” left at the end of the night!

There were other fun recipes featured on her Halloween special including Worm and Maggot Salad, Double-Decker Coffin Sandwiches and Creepy Bocconcini Eyeballs with Prosciutto “Flesh” & Blood Salsa but “the arm” was definitely the pièce de résistance! So if you’re entertaining this Halloween the Severed Braciole Arm in Marinara Sauce is sure to be a big hit and if you’re looking for a wine pairing, a big red like an Australian Shiraz or an Italian Dolcetto would be perfect. You can find the recipes by clicking on the titles above and I hope you have a Happy and Delicious Halloween!