St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Couture: Black Velvet!

For all you Champagne and sparkling wine lovers who find yourself oddly without a viable drink option on beer-centric St. Patrick’s Day, this month’s installment of Cocktail Couture is dedicated to you!

Beer is another form of bubbly after all and the Black Velvet is a delicious mixture of Champagne and Guinness, an Irish stout which is one of the most well known beers on the planet. The drink was created at Brook’s Club in London in 1861 to mourn the death of Prince Albert. It’s color was intended to match the black armbands worn by his mourners.

The Black Velvet is made by filling a flute halfway with Guinness and then topping it off with Champagne. You can pour the Champagne very slowly or over the back of a spoon for more of a layered look as pictured above. The result is a deliciously decadent drink with a creamy, luxurious texture! The brightness of the Champagne lightens the heaviness of the Guinness while preserving it’s mouth-watering chocolaty, nutty flavor. Feel free to adjust the ration to suit your taste but most of all – have a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day!

What’s your favorite St. Patrick’s day drink? Please let us know in the comment section below!



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